A Full Service Oil and Gas Landman Company

Doggett Land Services, LLC is a Permian Basin (Midland/Odessa) based, full-service oil and gas landman broker and consulting company specializing in helping mineral owners and small to large oil and gas companies manage their mineral assets. We have lived and worked in the Permian Basin since 2014.

With years of experience working both in the field and in-house, we fully understand the frustration and pain that smaller companies and mineral owners face when searching for knowledgeable landmen who can handle their projects.

We hand select every landman we work with and will refuse a project before we put an unqualified or under-qualified landman to work.

With an extensive network of high-quality landmen at our disposal, Doggett Land Services, LLC can rapidly scale its operations to take your project from idea to land play within a very short window.

Have you inherited a mineral or royalty interest?  We can help get the interest in your name and receive checks if the property is producing.  Click here to learn more.

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